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CHARACTER NAME: Miles "Anti-Tails" Prower
SERIES: Sonic Archie Comics
CHRONOLOGY: The end of Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 196
CLASS: Villain

BACKGROUND: History here

Miles's place in the canon is one that was is a mirror to the Mobius Prime version of himself. Miles is almost Tails in all that he is, except for the face he is evil instead of good. Due to this, he has grown bitter and become a devious evil child. In his first appearances, it seemed as if Miles didn't have a larger roll in the Anti-Freedom Fighters or later the Suppression Squad. However, in the final pages of issue 196, it is exposed that Miles has actually graduated to leader of the Anti-Freedom Fighters. He is the actual leader of the group with Queen Alicia as his figurehead to hide behind. He was being build into a strong villain but then the reboot happened.





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It will reside in lot 54.

Freedom HQ is a subterranean base outfitted with the following;

Common Room: A space for hanging out and recreation.
The Bunks: A codeded sleeping hall with personal space for each of the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix.
The Lab: A high-tech space for science, research and development.
Kitchen: The perfect place for a victory meal or late night snack.

Miles has this location follow him because it means something to him. He hatched a plan to finally be rid of Scourge here and nearly succeeded. It also rings a special bell for him as it was a victory for him and his fellow Moebius residence over the Mobius Prime versions of themselves.
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Name: Miles "Anti-Tails" Prower
From: Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comic series)
Age: 11 years old
Gender: Male

Personality: Miles is much like Tails in his want for independence and his youthful tenacity. He unfortunately has a fierce rebellious streak that has slowly evolved into methodical evil. He has no love for childish things, thus his disdain for his childhood nickname of Tails. Miles is a very serious boy, showing very little interest in jokes or games. He is a methodical logical thinker and knows how to read people by simply watching them for a time. His serious actions make him a very stubborn and picky boy, which separates him from the other Suppression Squad members.

Miles is also obviously ambitious and intelligent. It was his plan the entire time to betray Scourge and get rid of him. He obviously has no connection to Scourge and hates him. He seems to have respect for Princess Alicia but this may simply be because she is easily manipulated and controlled. He is always thinking about how to come out ahead and who he can use to get what he wants. He is a selfish boy and cares more about his own personal wants than the groups. He often shows of his own intelligence and will demean any whose he sees as beneath his own. Miles is an evil boy who only shows remorse when he is caught and in danger. Besides that, he cares not who he hurts in accomplishing his objectives.

Unlike Tails who has an inner courage that uplifts him to stand against all odds, Miles is more cowardly when faced with challenges he doesn't think he can overcome. He becomes afraid and will attempt to flee rather than fight against something when the odds are stacked against him. This makes him a great strategist but a coward in true battle.

Overall Miles Prower is the opposite of Tails. He does not enjoy the company of others and is not one to extend his hand to help people. He is more interested in saving himself and getting what he wants. He does know he needs others to accomplish his goals but any concern for them is mostly false or exaggerated. People are pieces on a chessboard and he is the one determined to win the game.

Backstory: Miles Prower joined the Anti-Freedom Fighters at an early age. Due to the mistreatment he experience by others due to his two tails, it hardened the young boy and he used Anti-Sonic and the Anti-Freedom Fighters as an outlet for his rage.

His first encounter with the Prime version of himself was when he joined the Anti-Freedom Fighters traveled to the Prime plane to frame their good versions for crimes of mayhem, vandalism, and general misbehaving. The Prime version of the Freedom Fighters returned and tried to defeat their Anti-selves but they had little luck. Each of the Anti-versions of themselves knew their moves as well as they did, Miles being able to keep on par and beat Tails. When Princess Sally come up with the idea to switch battle partners, Miles was easily defeated by Rotor. He and the other Anti-Freedom Fighters were thrown back to his dimension with the others. They continued to spread mayhem back home while the kindly Dr. Kintobor tried to stop them.

For the next year, Miles stayed with the other Anti-Freedom Fighters on Anti-Mobius. They had little to do with anything happening on Mobius Prime, especially since Anti-Sonic was captured by Zonic the Zone Cop. Anti St. John took over the Anti-Freedom fighters and later he was replaced by Anti Sally.

His next attack on the Freedom Fighters was unintentional when he attacked Sonic the Hedgehog. He thought he was the Anti-Sonic who had returned to cause trouble. All of this was Anti-Sonic's plan when he replaced Sonic in the Prime Mobius zone.

It was some time later and Miles had gained power in the meantime. He had become the leader of the Anti-Freedom fighter when Scourge, the recently transformed Anti-Sonic, returned with Fiona Fox. Scourge took over all of Anit-Mobius, renaming is Moebius and ordered all of the Anti-Freedom Fighters to change their appearances. He didn't want them to be mere “evil clones” anymore. He was going to change them like he had been changed. Miles began to wear a grew wig and changed his clothes. He also threw the name 'Tails' away, forsaking the childish name in favor of his real name; Miles.

The Anti-Freedom Fighters became the Suppression Squad under King Scourge's rule. After some time, Scourge grew bored with merely ruling his world and ordered Miles and Boomer to steal Dr. Kintobor's globe posts, which allowed dimensional travel. They used this to launch their attack on Freedom HQ, connecting their globe posts to the Freedom Fighter's identical posts. Miles was one of the first one through and helped begin the assault on Mobius. The Suppression Squad as able to take Freedom HQ and forced the Freedom Fighters to retreat. This was only the first step in Scourge's plans.

Soon after, Metal Sonic came to Freedom HQ looking for Sonic. Miles told Scourge who went out and confronted the robot. When he was asked why he wasn't helping he told Scourge he wouldn't want to undermined Scourge's strength by assisting him. Once Sonic arrived, Miles began to observe the blue hedgehog. He realized just how much Sonic tried to help, even though it was Scourge he was attempting to assist. This helped Miles formulate a plan to get rid of Scourge. The plan was to forge an alliance with the Freedom Fighters and have their Mobius Prime counterparts assist them with taking down Scourge. Miles left Freedom HQ on a mission to bomb New Mobotropolis and met up with Sally, Bunnie, Antonie, and Tails. He told them of his plan for an alliance and when Tails tried to join the conversation, he quickly insulted his Prime counterpart and told him they were trying to have an intelligent conversation. Sally agreed to the alliance and the Freedom Fighters followed Miles back to Freedom HQ.

Moral Standing: Miles Prower is evil in the usual sense in shows and comics. A more detailed look would reveal him as more Chaotic Neutral. He is selfish and isn't against using people to get what he wants but it is mostly respect and power he desires. He wants to be seen as an adult and not just some child.

Dreams: Miles Prower's dream is to be in control of Moebius as well as Mobius Prime. Though unlike Scourge he doesn't have to be the one seen in charge. He is perfectly fine with being in control from the shadows and using a figure head for himself. He knows it is the one seemingly in charge that is targeted so having a shield is always welcome.

Fears: Scourge. Scourge is Miles' worst fear as he knows in a fight he could never win and that the green hedgehog could ruin everything for him if he wanted to.

Extra: Miles and Tails have very similar abilities since it seems they do not differ that much between the two dimensions. Miles has a genius level intelligence like Tails does, though it would stand to reason his area of study would be Magic and Chaos Energy where Tails studies Technology. He has shown he can use and has knowledge of technology, with his ability to memorize blueprints and other things with just a few looks.

Miles and spin his twin tails and fly like his Mobius Prime twin. He has learned to use this ability in his fighting style and uses it to increase the damage of his attacks. He can fly fairly well after years of experience.

Miles is also a smooth talker and talented negotiator. He was able to convince the Freedom Fighters to help the Suppression Squad take down Scourge. The Freedom Fighters didn't expect the double cross Miles had planned when he banished both Scourge and Sonic to Moebius together.

He also is a brilliant strategist. He can plan out elaborate plans in a very small time frame and carry them out well. He can take in all of the known variables and create a sound plan to accomplish whatever goal is set before him.

Character Location: This is the location Miles will be bringing with him. Plot 54 should be big enough. It will be raised up over the ground rather than subterranean so it will seem to be earth and rock placed in the lot.

Samples: Finding screencaps of the comic pages is being difficult so I have to skip this.

Writing Sample: Crawling out of a well of ink and paint is something Miles never thought he would do. He looked down at his arms, torso, and legs to make sure everything was there and accounted for. He was whole, clothed, missing no fur or anything else important. He reached up to check his ears and they were there too. It was then he noticed something else was missing; his toupee. He groaned and walked over to the well and there it was. It was floating in the ink and paint and shook as it was bombarded with more.

He quickly reached into the well and pulled out his missing piece of clothing. He held it out in front of him with a downturned face. His brow furrowed as he looked at the grey hairpiece and let out an aggrovated sigh. He gripped it in both hands and twisted it hard to try and ring the mess out of it.

"Of course this would happen. This ugly thing always gets in the way." He finished ringing it out but didn't put it on. The grey was spattered with black, yellow, blue, and red. The thing was destroyed. He sighed and tossed it over his shoulder to land on the concrete with a wet slap.

"Useless. I'll have to find another after I figure out where I am. I wonder. A possible zone disturbance? A dimensional shift perhaps. I don't remember anything. That may be a symptom of something. I need to find answers." He went to walk away when he spotted something on the ground. He reached down and picked up the strange communication device. "What do we have here?"
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You've reached the Digital Communicator of Miles Prower. Please leave a detailed message pertaining to the reason you called as well as your name and number. I will do my best to contact you in a timely fashion.

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[The video comes on to show Miles Prower. He is sitting on a bench somewhere in Neon. He looks into the camera with a neutral expression before clearing his throat before speaking.]

Hello. For those who do not know, my name is Miles Prower. I am currently looking into a matter though I believe I have run into a dead end. I wish to study the magical arts and I have learned the organization known as MAGI takes in students to help them. I wish to enroll this organization's classes. Does anyone know whom I should contact to do this? And should any from MAGI see this, please contact me if you have any useful information you can give me. Thank you for your time.

[He reaches out and turns off the camera feed.]
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[The camera clicks on to show a yellow fox with grey hair. His expression tells whoever is watching he is not very happy. Behind him is a Kokuwamon, bouncing up and down excitedly.]

Hey! Miles! Let's play a game! I wanna play a game!

To anyone who can see this, I need answers. Where am I? I know this is not Moebius. And second, what does this...child mean when he says were are to be partners because some Tree God demanded it? I am no stranger to interdimensional travel, but to have been dragged here by an entity who cannot even fight it's own battles is something I will not stand for.

But Yggdrasil brought you here so we can be friends!

And furthermore, can anyone take this noisy idiotic child off of my hands. I do not need him.

Miiiiles! That's mean!

[The fox glares as he turns towards the happy child digimon and turns off the camera.]
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